1. Political Asylum and Protection for Whistleblowers

We call on the German Federal Government to establish a reliable legal basis, also on European level, for the protection of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden.

2. Full Disclosure

A commission of inquiry of the European Parliament shall investigate the following questions:

  • Which are the complete capabilities of such large-scale surveillance programs as PRISM und Tempora?
  • Which data streams and data sources do they use?
  • Which administrative agencies of the EU and its member states had information on or access to PRISM and similarly broad-scale programs, or to data gathered from these?
  • To what extent have the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the Data Protection Directive or other international treaties been violated?
  • Negotiations on a free trade area between the United States of America and the EU have to be suspended until these questions are answered.
  • We call on the European Commission to start treaty violation proceedings against the EU member state the United Kingdom due to its violation of the right to the protection of personal data in the Treaty of Lisbon.
  • The events are also to be examined for signs of criminal conduct. Snowden is to be heard as a witness and to be put under witness protection in order to do so. In addition, employees of the NSA (U. S. National Security Agency) and the GCHQ (Government Communication Headquarters, British intelligence agency) are to be questioned. If necessary, an extradition of the suspects is to be demanded of the U. S. The participation of German agencies and supervisory bodies is to be examined for signs of criminal conduct.
  • The German Chancellor herself has to give account to a commission of inquiry of the Bundestag (German federal parliament).

3. Strengthen European Data Protection

The EU data protection reform currently being negotiated is to be focused more on a broad and far-reaching protection of private and commercial data. Lobbyism in the other direction is to be rejected. Data of EU residents may not be given to intelligence agencies. Anyone who offers communication services that are available in Germany shall have to adhere to local data protection laws. The EU Agreement on Passenger Name Records and the Bank Data Sharing Agreement with the United States of America and with other third countries, as well as the so-called Safe-Harbor-Agreement shall be suspended or terminated in the face of these espionage events. In addition, all unrightfully collected data shall be deleted immediately.

4. International Treaty on the Freedom of the Internet

The internet shall continue to serve for the support and dissemination of democratic fundamental rights and not for their oppression. To achieve this, the European Union shall push for an international treaty on the freedom of the internet.

5. Funding Software Dedicated to the Protection of Privacy

We call on the German Federal Government and on the European Union to fund research projects for the development and use of hard- and software dedicated to fostering the protection of privacy. Projects dedicated to the development of products that can be used for the surveillance of the population shall be exempt from funding. Communication services shall only be offered if they are encrypted.

6. Prevent Universal Surveillance of Communication

Direct access of government agencies to internet backbones as is the case for Tempora shall explicitly be made illegal. Such access makes a direct collection and storing of internet communication feasible, without any possibility for control by third parties, and it compromises all communication and privacy.

7. No Telecommunications Data Retention (VDS)

Any form of telecommunications data retention, even under the name of "Mindestspeicherfrist" (minimal storage period), is strictly refused by the Hamburger Bündnis gegen Überwachung (Hamburg Alliance Against Surveillance), independent of its concrete implementation. The storage of communication data without cause is a disproportionate invasion of fundamental rights and has been shown to be mostly of no use in the prosecution of criminal acts.

8. No User Account Data Inquiry (BDA)

The introduction of a different form of telecommunications data retention through the back-door via User Account Data Inquiry (BDA) is also refused by the Alliance. Here, 250 public authorities are given simple access to E-mail passwords, mobile phone PINs and if need be to cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, etc.) Even for simple misdemeanors such as car parking violations, bank account data and IP addresses can be requested.

9. Nullification of So-Called "Gefahrengebiete" ("Danger Areas") in Hamburg

Apart from telecommunications and the internet, the real public space is more and more kept under surveillance without any cause or suspicion. In Hamburg, so-called „Gefahrengebiete“ („Danger Areas“) can be established by police authorities without any judicial or parliamentary control. Within these areas, the police can check personal IDs without cause or initial suspicion, can store ID information; it can also check bag contents and ban individuals from these areas. In Hamburg, there are currently four such permanent "Gefahrengebiete", in which fundamental rights are invaded.

We demand the nullification of all „Gefahrengebiete“, as well as the abolishment of the according passage in the Law on Data Processing by the Police (HmbPolDVG).

10. Disarmament Negotiations

We demand the abidance by the resolution under international law to protect the human right to privacy even in the digital age as well as a contractual reduction of surveillance. We demand the complete retreat of intelligence agencies from civil society. There is a good reason for the separation of police and intelligence agencies. Analogous to the arms race during the Cold War, we need international disarmament negotiations and treaties for surveillance. Mass surveillance needs to be outlawed.

Press contact:

E-Mail: presse@hamburg.ccc.de
Telephone: +49 175 623 4470

Hamburg Alliance Against Surveillance

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